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Individual Psychotherapy
For Adolescents & Adults

Experiences of relational and systemic trauma can deeply wound us and leave us feeling alienated, disconnected, and with a lack of agency. They can also diminish our ability to dream and vision, to access joy, creativity, and intimacy.

I see therapy as:

A space for presence and mindfulness that allows you deeper awareness of your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and the present moment.

A co-constructed, mutually nurtured, intentional space where you and your therapist can make space for all of the parts of you; a space to envision ways of existing in the world that are aligned with your values, and that allow you to access the kinds of connections and pleasure that you are seeking/needing.

A healing space for you to (re)build a relationship, attachment, and trust with yourself.

A place to explore challenges with expressing, exploring, and advocating for your needs and for addressing relational patterns that are no longer helpful or sustaining.

A place to help you understand your own identities and social locations and unburden yourself from internalized oppressions including ableism, sizeism/fatphobia, racism, colorism, transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, etc.  

As Prentis Hemphill writes, Healing allows us to be 

"Tender enough to feel

Present enough to witness

Humble enough to listen

Courageous enough to act

Accountable enough to change"

What is therapy?: Welcome
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